Pictures From Flyin"!!!

Back in the 80's in my Weedhopper
Flyin' at Soggy Dry Lake in So. Calif.

Move into the 90's here is my Eiper Quicksilver Weight Shift
Flying from my driveway in Vincennes, Indiana

Randy in my yard
Can Cement fly?

I move into New Richmond Regional with a Quicksilver MXL
July 9, 2014

Me at New Richmond Regional, now flying a Kolb Firefly
August 8, 2015

Flyin' into 2019

Flyin' Randy and I out and about -- April 19
Flyin' To Amery -- April 29
Flyin' To Boyceville -- March 23
Flyin' To St. Croix Riviera -- July 24
Flyin' into 2018

Flyin' To Oceola -- April 20
Flyin' To Boyceville -- May 8
Flyin' Bass Lake and IRLBECK -- July 6
Flyin' Private Airfields and Cumberland -- July 30
Flyin' To Boyceville -- Nov 14
My ride in a Waco Bi-plane Fairbault -- Oct 18

Flyin' into 2017

  Buzzin' Around New Richmond Video -- April 11
Flyin' To Amery, Oceola and the Apple River -- May 09
Flyin' To the new Stillwater Bridge -- June 12
Flyin' Once around the field -- August 23
Flyin' Back to the new Stillwater Bridge -- August 28
Flyin' To Red Wing, Lookin' for color -- September 27

Flyin' in 2016

  Spring Time Video -- April 23
Flyin' Menomonie and almost Chetek -- May 02
Flyin' Chetek and Red's for a burger -- June 08
Flyin' Randy and I Flyin' around -- July 06
Flyin' Trip to Cumberland -- July 22
Flyin' Randy and I Flyin' to Red Wing -- Sept 29
Flyin' Randy and I Flyin' to Oceola and Amery -- Oct 13
Flyin' Trip to Voyager Village -- Nov. 05
  Shell Lake Video -- Nov. 05

Flyin' in 2015

Randy finally gets his BeLite in the air
Flyin' to Chetek Wisconsin
Flyin' to Boyceville Wisconsin
Flyin' to Osceola Wisconsin
Flyin' to Amery Wisconsin
Flyin' my Firefly around New Richmond