October 13, 2016 Randy and I flew to Oceola and Amery.

The tree colors were fantastic and the air cool.

I got a flat tire in Amery but we were able to use the courtesy car to go into town to find a new one.

gopr0002_small.jpg img_5222_small.jpg img_5224_small.jpg img_5225_small.jpg img_5226_small.jpg
img_5227_small.jpg img_5228_small.jpg img_5229_small.jpg img_5230_small.jpg img_5231_small.jpg
img_5232_small.jpg img_5234_small.jpg img_5237_small.jpg img_5238_small.jpg img_5239_small.jpg
img_5240_small.jpg img_5241_small.jpg img_5242_small.jpg img_5243_small.jpg img_5245_small.jpg
img_5247_small.jpg img_5248_small.jpg img_5249_small.jpg img_5250_small.jpg flat_small.jpg

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