It should have been a good day for a hundred dollar hamburger!

I flew to Menomomnie checked out the huge Walmart distribution center. Filled up with

fuel and headed to Chetek for a burger at Reds Food Establishment.

Well I almost made it...

The idiot light came on and told me the alternator quit. Decision time!

I am only about 8-9 miles from Chetek, been flying about 20 miles so far.

Can't fix anything in Chetek so I decided to head back to New Richmond.

Punched in KRNH and the GPS says 40 miles....

About 10 miles further the EIS quit, no gauges altimeter, gas gauge, rpm, etc.

In another 5 mi or so the I-Fly GPS quits. Good thing I was also using my Goecaching hand held

as I have trouble find my way to the bathroom let alone an airport some where over THERE???

Anyway I made it back with fumes to spare..

img_3857_small.jpg img_3861_small.jpg img_3862_small.jpg img_3864_small.jpg img_3865_small.jpg img_3866_small.jpg img_3868_small.jpg
img_3869_small.jpg img_3870_small.jpg img_3871_small.jpg img_3872_small.jpg img_3873_small.jpg img_3874_small.jpg img_3875_small.jpg
img_3876_small.jpg img_3878_small.jpg img_3880_small.jpg img_3881_small.jpg img_3882_small.jpg img_3883_small.jpg img_3885_small.jpg
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img_3919_small.jpg img_3921_small.jpg img_3922_small.jpg img_3923_small.jpg img_3924_small.jpg img_3925_small.jpg img_3926_small.jpg
img_3927_small.jpg img_3928_small.jpg menomomnie_may2_small.jpg

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