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Thanx to an anonymous donation by our Calico bro and 2004 Trap Shooting winner Jamie

I finally put together the 2004 yearbook pages. Send me an e-mail and I will give you an address to download them from. be sure to put "calico yearbook" in the subject line or I may toss it as junk mail.
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Here is a panoramic shot of Calico as we know it. you will need the Quick Time Player to view it.
You can get it here---quick time player

Click here or on the picture for the movie.
panoramic movie

Here is a geat aerial view Steve just sent me from Calico 2002

Click here for even more great photos from Steve

UPDATE! New pictures from steve 02/09/05
see the 2005 pictures page

cenex May 8

Cenex May 8, 2004

VTX Ride Pictures
Sturgis pictures